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I have always been a blues fan.
Since the day I heard Ry Cooder,
and Robert Cray I was hooked.
Though I stray away from time to
time to listen to other music.

“Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger”

Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger LP released 2006 by James Luther Dickinson on label Memphis International Records

This album was released in 2006,
it’s not a newly released LP yet I
wanted to talk about this album
and the artist because I found a
lot of character in the lyrics of the

I came across this artist via the
Bonnaroo newsletter that was
distributed during the 2012
Bonnaroo festival.

One of the ads within the paper
highlighted Memphis International Records
and a couple of the artist
on this labels roster.

James Luther Dickinson stood out

cultural iconoclast”

to me and I wanted to know more
about his sound. Therefore I went
to the website of the label and
came across a few links that led
to James’ music.

James has got a new album
coming out July 3 on CD and LP,
titled “James Luther Dickerson &
North Missippi Allstars – I’m Just
Dead, I’m Not Gone.”

The album “Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger”
starts off with a
little patriotic salute to the “Red
Neck, Blue Collar” citizens in the
work force. We are then put inside
the cab with “Truck Drivin’ Man” to
the rhythm of a rock-a-billy beat.

The album continues to take the
listener through a journey that
lets us visually see through the
lyrics. That’s what music is
suppose to do. As I continued to
listen I was taken in by the raspy
voice, and metaphoric words
combined with a slap bass,
some drums and horns.

My favorite by a land slide, on this

"Killers From Space" Album cover

Released in 2007 on CD

album was “Rooster Blues”. A
jumpin rockabilly rhythm had me
wanting to put on a puddle skirt
and bobby socks and hit the dance

I know this album has been out
for a while yet it has some great
music that will always be a hit
years down the road.

If you are a blues and rock and
roll fan then swing on over to this
website and take a listen to
“James Luther Dickenson”. You
won’t be disappointed.