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The world is filled with dreams of people who want to make millions or billions as an entertainer. Yet not all of them will see that kind of money. Many aspire to be signed by a major label or hope to be discovered by someone affiliated with a big label.

It is possible to make money in the entertainment business, although it is a lot of work. Social media has added some great tools to do that. With anything that give a good return on your investment, you must invest time, time and more time.

Fuse interviewed Jonathan Coulton at the Pax East show and it was said that Jonathan makes over half a million as an indie artist.


Who else out there is making this much with out a label behind them? I want to know.

Posted by Jewell aka Quepea

I was not a big fan of the group know as “The Pussy Cat Dolls”. I looked at them as another bubble gum girl group that was all body and face with nothing else. Though I did like a couple; and I do mean couple as in 2, of their songs. When the group went their separate paths, it was no big deal to me.

This interview by VLAD TV with ex-Pussy Cat Doll Melody Thornton, gives light to the subject of Major Label to Independent and what happens to the “Money” train.



Posted by Jewell aka Quepea