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What is it about music that makes us listen?

What is it about an artist that makes us become a fan?

Why do some artist become famous faster than others?

Is it because we like the beat?

Is it because we like what they wear or how they look?

Is it because of who they know or what they do differently?

Music moves us. It is an emotional stimulator as well as a relaxer. It can go with ANY emotion you have.

There are hundreds to thousands of people with musical talents. Each one of them seeking an audience that will buy their music and become a fan. With all the people in the world, each musician should be able to find a following. The key to getting and keeping that following is PROMOTION and MARKETING. If nobody knows that you exist than nobody will buy your music and become a fan.

Even after they do get to know you, it is important to keep at them. Make it known that you are there to entertain and give them a reason to want to stay a fan.

Being an entertainer of any kind takes work. Not just studio time, and creating time. There is a fine balance to keeping up with all the things that make you successful. The idea of being a one person show/business is fascinating. Most of us like the idea of commanding our own ship. Although if we want to have the public take a ride with us on that ship, then we may have to reach out to others to help maintain the crowd, clean up the ship, feed the crew members and people on the ship. The bigger the ship the more help needed to maintain it.

So as you are out there doing your daily grind and looking for the spot light to shine on you. Ask yourself. Where am I stirring the ship to? How many other crew members do I need to make a successful voyage? Then build.