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Punk Rock has not been a fav or mine, yet I never turn down an opportunity to hear something new.

Band Logo

An email was sent to my inbox requesting I give a listen to a band known as “The Velocity Raptors”. My first thought, another screaming “meme” group, but what the heck lets listen.

I must admit, I was not expecting an uplifting instrumental compilation. The band combined electric sounds that allow the brain waves to dance a pulsey beat. “Rather Nice to Listen To”

After listing to the tracks of the disography title “I, Donna” I wanted a little more. So I clicked over to “The Chuppe Life”. This 6 track digital album was filled with unique instrumentals. Not to fast, Not to slow, and at 7am in the morning did not put my brain in crash mode.


I give this group a thumbs up and recommend you giving them an ear or two.
To listen to the band just click on the links below and have a listen. Be sure to leave a comment on the blog and share your thoughts.

A quick note about the band

”The Velocity Raptors are the instrumental brain child of Manchester’s own, Sean Buckley. The Raptors are valiantly fighting post rock seriousness through sprightly, punk rock inspired 2 minute instrumental pop songs. Forgotten are the damp, laboured structures of the instrumental genre and in their stead are brazen, shamelessly fun guitar licks and melodies for the less discerning music critic.”

Band Camp Link for The Velocity Raptors

He may not be on main stream, though he commands mainstream attention. He is the indie artist known as J’Sun.

Earlier this year he released his first original single on iTunes titled “Impossible”. The single drew some attention from loyal fans in the Youtube world and a few in Tweettown. Though on iTunes it did not break any sound barriers.

On August 13, 2012 the “Impossible” became visible. This was a joint project created by, A Martin Landgreve Film, Produced by MadisonLST, and a bit of Styling by Yusef Williams and J’Sun.

When this track was first release I was hooked. The message of the song was powerful, easy to listen to and commanded radio play.
After watching the video I concur my original thoughts of the song.

Though I was a bit thrown by the scene in the grave yard, as I did not find a connection with this scene.

The video was put togther well and sends a message to the music world that J’Sun has talent and his fans agree. Looking over the comments from his You Tube channel it is clear he has a dedicated following.

Best wishes to you J’Sun,

Leave a comment on your thought of this video.

This is a must share article. Zachary Knight is a writer for TechDirt and posted this article today.

This is another experience that up and coming artist and producers can learn from. It is important to understand the business side of the Music Industry.

Here is a little quote from the article that sums up the importance of knowing how the money flows.

Sony was supposed to pay Baker royalties under a producer agreement, according to his 18-page federal lawsuit. But Baker says an audit of Sony’s books revealed that the music company had been underreporting his royalties by more than $475,000 for the period audited.”  

Click Link to read more. Journey’s Producer Sues Sony Over Unpaid Royalties For 21 Classic Songs | Techdirt.

A versatile story teller with powerful lyrics fervent with allegory, Nando Chang cascades styles and topics across all genres with a multicultural perspective. Born in Chiclayo, Peru Fernando Chang was raised by his grandmother of Chinese decent while awaiting permanent residency sort by his parents in the USA. During this time of innocence, a young Nando became chiclayano.  

The official video of international recording artist Nando Chang aka Chiclayano.

The video was shot in Lima,Peru by Lync Films. “Despido” or Dismissal in English is a true story of the rejection and unfulfilled promises that Nando has faced in his journey as an individual and as a Latin kid from Chiclayo,Peru looking to be the next big star from that country. The song takes a bit of controversial turn with his reference to L.A. based Mexican rapper Malverde, whom Nando once held in high esteem before as the song says “malverde never called”. Fervent with truthful lyrics and the beauty of his country on full visual display, Despido truly delivers on a major level.

In December of 2002, Nando Chang immigrated to America. Thru hip-hop, the English language was acquired. Also, during these teen years, Nando Chang became heavily influenced and involved with the speed life. Nando, and his need for speed, is an avid street racer of high powered cars and motor bikes.

As a result, Chiclayano suffered a near death accident in the summer of 2008 in which he fell into a coma for several weeks. The near death experience motivated his speedy recovery, relatively speaking. During rehab (which continues today), while unable to walk, and barely speak, Mr. Chang further developed his craft and love for rap music.

Nando Chang realized his true being and destiny as self awareness was achieved via this out of body experience. Internationally, Nando seeks respect from both music creators and fans alike and is destined to receive both. As a member of the hOLLANDjUNGLE Music group, NandoChang aka “Chiclayano” has developed a unique musical style and category in both English and Spanish languages. With full support from the village, the pride and joy of Chiclayo, Peru NandoChang ….

This article was submitted by Nando Chang. You can connect with this artist via Twitter @NandoChang89; @hOLLANDjUNGLE; @MusicLYNC

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on this artist. Thanks for stopping by.


Whatz Up Everyone I’m QuePea for Front Street Newz!

Up and rising R&B artist D. Nelson of Clarksdale MS is making rounds in the south. He recently performed in Tunica MS, singing his latest tracks Beat It Like A Drummer, Use 2 Be My Girl and Stop & Breath Rough Draft.
D. Nelson is signed to label International Music Group other wise known as I.M.G. According to his bio on Reverbnation I quote “I am self Determination, I am Hardworking”. I think D. Nelson is ready to Beat it like a drummer all around the world. Be sure to check out his music, and don’t forget to bounce to the beat.

For more indie music news, be sure to log on to

The desire to make a living in the music business is a desire had by many, and achieved by few. It is a lot of daily grinding to build any business. The famous producer Pharrell speaks to an audience about having a plan.

“He that would make sure of success should keep his passion cool, and his expectation low.-Jeremy Collier”

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I have always been a blues fan.
Since the day I heard Ry Cooder,
and Robert Cray I was hooked.
Though I stray away from time to
time to listen to other music.

“Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger”

Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger LP released 2006 by James Luther Dickinson on label Memphis International Records

This album was released in 2006,
it’s not a newly released LP yet I
wanted to talk about this album
and the artist because I found a
lot of character in the lyrics of the

I came across this artist via the
Bonnaroo newsletter that was
distributed during the 2012
Bonnaroo festival.

One of the ads within the paper
highlighted Memphis International Records
and a couple of the artist
on this labels roster.

James Luther Dickinson stood out

cultural iconoclast”

to me and I wanted to know more
about his sound. Therefore I went
to the website of the label and
came across a few links that led
to James’ music.

James has got a new album
coming out July 3 on CD and LP,
titled “James Luther Dickerson &
North Missippi Allstars – I’m Just
Dead, I’m Not Gone.”

The album “Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger”
starts off with a
little patriotic salute to the “Red
Neck, Blue Collar” citizens in the
work force. We are then put inside
the cab with “Truck Drivin’ Man” to
the rhythm of a rock-a-billy beat.

The album continues to take the
listener through a journey that
lets us visually see through the
lyrics. That’s what music is
suppose to do. As I continued to
listen I was taken in by the raspy
voice, and metaphoric words
combined with a slap bass,
some drums and horns.

My favorite by a land slide, on this

"Killers From Space" Album cover

Released in 2007 on CD

album was “Rooster Blues”. A
jumpin rockabilly rhythm had me
wanting to put on a puddle skirt
and bobby socks and hit the dance

I know this album has been out
for a while yet it has some great
music that will always be a hit
years down the road.

If you are a blues and rock and
roll fan then swing on over to this
website and take a listen to
“James Luther Dickenson”. You
won’t be disappointed.

The group Alabama Shake shook the crowd at the 2012 Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester TN this past weekend. This is a newly signed band that is making their way around the music corridors and leaving an assortment of fans grappling for more. Here they perform their song “Hold On”.

Hello Bloggers and Peeps!

Each of us has a desire to do more, be more and succeed. This blog and my You Tube channel along with the other social networking platforms I belong to, were merged together because of a desire I have.
Over the years I have witnessed the rising of a movement. The Independent Artist Movement, or as I like to call it the Indie Movement, and it is gaining a presence within the internet world. I would like to be a major contributor to that movement.

This post is to ask you the internet world for assistance in doing just that. My mission is to grow the audience of the Indie Artist Movement. In addition create a place that gives a fresh look at a group that is keeping the world of art alive.

For many years, the Corporate Giants have tried to create a cookie cutting machine that will produce art as if it were made by robots. This is not what artistic expression is about. I believe that you can not cookie cut art in any way.

I am asking for you my followers, friends, family, and peers to help me build this community. Help by sharing my post on this blog, visit my You Tube Channel and subscribe, like and comment. Go visit my Face book page and LIKE and join a great community. Connect with me in TweetTown and follow my post. Also join me in the Google+ circle.

I have included a Make A Donation button located in the side bar to the right, for anyone that believes in supporting the cause. The reason for this button is to help me raise money for give away items. My budget can not handle all the great ideas I have, therefore I am humbly reaching out to my audience. My first wish is to purchase some novelty bracelets of 1000 @ thirteen cents (.13 cents) each. With that I will be giving away these items to attendees of various Shows I attend like the Bonneroo Music Festival, or the Local Battle of the Bands Event.

Here is a link to the company that offers these items and more. 24Hour Wrist Bands . When I raise the funds to purchase these items I will create a video and show everyone what I am doing and send out a special gift for each donation.

Thanks for your support. I appreciate all !

Jewell aka Quepea (Cue Pea)

Farmville a game very popular on Facebook, is pulling in the people and the advertiser.

My partner of 19 years loves the game on Facebook known as Farmville. She plays that game daily. She has about 200 plus friends on

Facebook and almost all of them are Farmville players.
The other day I was doing some research regarding the value of Facebook as an entertainer. I was looking at status updates and noticing

that not very many people were responding to things I would post. Yet it was not only what I posted, it was also happening, (or not

happening) for others in my circle.

So I began to ask, why is it that my partner always gets people on her page to interact? What is making her so popular amongst her crew?

Well as she and I talked the answer came to me “FARMVILLE”. It’s the games. Facebook created a game that has pulled in a group of

people that live for the game.

So I looked into more facts about my theory. I did a search on Fritolay to see how many people like them. Their just chips and snacks

Well to my surprise over 2 million people on facebook like them. Then I find out that Fritolay offered a truck to the Farmville

community in exchange for a LIKE. So that leads me to believe that Fritolay paid Facebook or someone else to be a part of this game so

that they could attract a fan base. HMMM. Pay to Play.
So I wondered if Fritolay had not done this would they still have as many likes as they do? I seriously doubt it. This type of marketing is

done all the time.
I bring this up to make a point to the indie artist community and those that follow or don’t follow them. Big business can afford to pay

for attention. They can buy the ads, the audience and what ever else they choose.

If you are looking to pull the attention of the masses to you as an entertainer, you are going to need to understand these tricks and

others and duplicate them on a low scale budget. Not every indie artist can afford ads, promotions, or services that will help get their

name out. Therefore you are going to need to find a way to bring the attention of the audience your way using similar methods.

The reality of it all is if you want to make it to the top of the list QUICKLY you are going to have to Pay in order to Play.

Good Day everybody. My new video is about Tips and Quips. It’s just a little humor to lighten and maybe brighten a day. Plus give a bit of knowledge.

What’z Good with everyone today. I had to post this video in my blog because of the image impact it had on me. I had an awakening to the image of an Entertainer I once seen as someone different.  I recommend watching this and would love to get feedback about how you the audience now see this person.

Good Evening! I know I am late on my new schedule. No excuses. I hope this video will give more understanding as to why this was past due. In this video I talk about the group Ellhelios. If you like Techno music and scary movies you may like there sound. But don’t take my word for it. Watch for yourself and decided if you want to connect more with this group.


Hi Everybody,

In today’s video release I speak on the mix tape created by MR Dot. Find out if I say yeah or nah.


Hi Blog Readers,

In this video I talk to Indie artist about the downside of giving the single away when trying to sell the single on iTunes. I would love to get feedback from anyone in regards to their experience when selling a single.


by Jewell aka Quepea