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Quepea talks about buying twitter followers, questioning your decision to invest money for twitter followers or video views and gives a consumers view of why a fan may or may not buy a single or cd from iTunes.
In this world of social media, many independent artist are made offers to help them increase their audience. Yet that strategy does not always lend itself to more revenue into the pockets of the indie artist.
Watch this video and gain a different perspective of how Quepea (a consumer) makes an evaluation about making music purchases.
Then Quepea talks to the indie artist and provides some tips on understanding R.O.I return on investments.

Posted by Jewell aka Quepea

I spend many hours on the internet and building a Social Media platform. Here of some of my thoughts in regards to being a business person, and independent artist using social media.  Social Media is a great tool, yet it takes time.



Posted by Jewell aka Quepea

The internet has made things very simple yet very complicated. There was a time when a musician had to sit in a subway station, or a bus station or even on a street corner and play music for people to support them or give them money to buy a meal. Now with the internet there is not much that can’t be done.

In walks or shall I say in streams the website Stageit if you want to visit the site go to This is a website that allows anyone to sell tickets to online concerts. Don’t have a Manager, no problem. Need a fan base just Stage it. Here is a video to give you more on this fabulous tool or shall I say money making opportunity.

“A prepared mind meets every opportunity”

posted by Jewell aka Quepea