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My blog continues with another review of Female MC’s out in the internet world. This artist goes by the name Ami Miller.

Quepea does a mixtape review on Ami Miller. On this mixtape the artist does a collaboration with Chantay, Gemini and Paris Houston on “Tha Prissident” Find out my favorite tracks on this MT and if you want to download this and don’t know how, watch my How Do Download from Datpiff video. You should see it in the playlist. ┬áBe sure to subscribe, I sub back. Follow my on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Soundcloud and WordPress.


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On the prowl again for another artist who has lyrical writing skills, and beat mixing talent. Here is my latest review on Akia Holt. You can find her mixtape on Datpiff.


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In the old days of music artist had to really hustle in the streets and clubs to get people to listen to their music. Today with technology, the indie artist can share their music across borders far beyond their physical reach. This video is a tutorial that can help anybody who is looking to download mixtapes off of


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