Indie Artist Free Music

Welcome to the Indie Artist Free Music Information Source!

Everybody loves to get FREE stuff. And Free Music is great to have. Though knowing the legal way to get free music is important.

When the internet was new, and still in diapers, many sites began to appear and people would upload their music, then share it with friends and other web surfers. Yet the problem with that was it was NOT LEGAL.

Then the Music Industry began to crack down on pirates who stole music from artist. Well those times are behind us and there are legal ways to get FREE music and download it onto your computer and then onto your Mp3 player. Websites like Datpiff, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation allow you to download music from Indie artist. If you are not familiar with Indie Artist let me fill you in.

Indie Artist or Independent Artist are people who are not yet under a Major Record Label contract. Therefore, they can distribute their music anyway they choose, as long as they own the rights to the music.

Websites like Datpiff are very popular amongst Hip Hop artist and Rap artist. There are some R&B singers on the site that also use it to distribute their Mixtapes.  Other sites music sharing sites like Soundcloud and Reverbnation allow artist to upload and share tracks with all their fans and followers.

So the next time you are looking for some free music, be sure to check out this blog and take a visit to the other sites listed above. To get you started with downloading free music, here is a video tutorial I put together to show how you can download music from Datpiff. Have fun.

Leave a comment below and let me know how this information is helping you build a great library of sound.


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