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Emeli Sandé a breath of harmony, soul and uplifting rhythm.

Hit the play button, you will be delighted you did.

He may not be on main stream, though he commands mainstream attention. He is the indie artist known as J’Sun.

Earlier this year he released his first original single on iTunes titled “Impossible”. The single drew some attention from loyal fans in the Youtube world and a few in Tweettown. Though on iTunes it did not break any sound barriers.

On August 13, 2012 the “Impossible” became visible. This was a joint project created by, A Martin Landgreve Film, Produced by MadisonLST, and a bit of Styling by Yusef Williams and J’Sun.

When this track was first release I was hooked. The message of the song was powerful, easy to listen to and commanded radio play.
After watching the video I concur my original thoughts of the song.

Though I was a bit thrown by the scene in the grave yard, as I did not find a connection with this scene.

The video was put togther well and sends a message to the music world that J’Sun has talent and his fans agree. Looking over the comments from his You Tube channel it is clear he has a dedicated following.

Best wishes to you J’Sun,

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This is a must share article. Zachary Knight is a writer for TechDirt and posted this article today.

This is another experience that up and coming artist and producers can learn from. It is important to understand the business side of the Music Industry.

Here is a little quote from the article that sums up the importance of knowing how the money flows.

Sony was supposed to pay Baker royalties under a producer agreement, according to his 18-page federal lawsuit. But Baker says an audit of Sony’s books revealed that the music company had been underreporting his royalties by more than $475,000 for the period audited.”  

Click Link to read more. Journey’s Producer Sues Sony Over Unpaid Royalties For 21 Classic Songs | Techdirt.

The music industry is already a tough business to break into but it’s complicated even more by all the snakes, crooks and outright thieves robbing independent artists blind.

via #BadBizness ALERT: @RomeoAllStars | Makin’ It Magazine.

Any Independent Artist will tell you that the business of music is no easy walk in the park. When combing the internet I look for anything and everything that is useful information to help those help themselves. The article posted on Makin’ It Magazine tells a story that is as common bread and butter. If you know an Indie artist trying to make it in the music business, be sure to share this information with them.

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Video is a great way to share holiday moments.

July 4th 2012 Fireworks NYC

Video is a great way to share information.

Video is a great way to share music.

Video is a great way to teach.

Video is a great way to connect with three out of five
senses; sight, sound, touch, allowing us to interact
with the world around us.

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The desire to make a living in the music business is a desire had by many, and achieved by few. It is a lot of daily grinding to build any business. The famous producer Pharrell speaks to an audience about having a plan.

“He that would make sure of success should keep his passion cool, and his expectation low.-Jeremy Collier”

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So what is this about?

Well let’s look at the who, what, where, and why of the situation.
First off, MOG is an online music library that can be shared with friends. You can make playlist, make a favorite list, and then you can share that list with your online buddies. You can also have MOG in your phone, listen in your car or even have a radio station(not a real one just a MOG version). MOG has a lot of bells and whistles, but not all is FREE. So essentially MOG is an online, on demand, digital music service. The company is based in Berkley CA.

Beats Electronics LLC is the brain child of Dr. Dre. The famous hip hop star who has made quite a name for himself as a business man in the music business. According to the COO, Luke Wood, Beats Electronics LLC began with the making of better sounding headphones. Now the company has branched into other areas like computers, and automotive speakers to help create a better listing experience for the consumer.

website of MOG

Online Music Catalog for On Demand Listing

On July 2, 2012 I received an email from MOG letting me know that they had been acquired by Beats Electronics LLC. At first glance I just thought so what, another web site has been swooped up by another music company looking to cash in on the online music game. Yet to my surprise there was a little bit of intrigue about this transaction. The fact that it involved some heavy hitters like Dr. Dre, Interscope Greffen A&M and Universal Music Group.

After doing some research and connecting a few dots it became clearer to me. Universal Music Group also known as UMG created MOG (in my opinion to lure the music loving consumer into their web of artist in order to gain a foot hold in the online streaming game.) with some other joint venture pals. On the other side of the house was Interscope Greffen A&M that rest within the UMG family. This arm of the company was more into the sound quality development field, and has now taken under their wing the MOG room. (So to speak)

Now it makes better sense that MOG had a music catalog of over 15 million songs. Now I understand how they could reach out into the cell phone arena and automotive garage. It is now coming together that Big Business is masking themselves as online streaming companies and they have figured out that Napster understood the consumer just wanted to share their music and not be tied to one CD purchase in order to hear one favorite song.

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So if you like the online music catalog sites and enjoy subscribing to online music sites then take your mouse, click on this link and browse around MOG. (back up the mouse you missed the click area it’s in the name MOG).

I hope you found this information informative. If you would like to read the press release about all of this click the next word. MOG Oh BTW, you may have to sign up or sign in with Face Book or Twitter in order to see the press release. Enjoy!