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I have always been a blues fan.
Since the day I heard Ry Cooder,
and Robert Cray I was hooked.
Though I stray away from time to
time to listen to other music.

“Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger”

Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger LP released 2006 by James Luther Dickinson on label Memphis International Records

This album was released in 2006,
it’s not a newly released LP yet I
wanted to talk about this album
and the artist because I found a
lot of character in the lyrics of the

I came across this artist via the
Bonnaroo newsletter that was
distributed during the 2012
Bonnaroo festival.

One of the ads within the paper
highlighted Memphis International Records
and a couple of the artist
on this labels roster.

James Luther Dickinson stood out

cultural iconoclast”

to me and I wanted to know more
about his sound. Therefore I went
to the website of the label and
came across a few links that led
to James’ music.

James has got a new album
coming out July 3 on CD and LP,
titled “James Luther Dickerson &
North Missippi Allstars – I’m Just
Dead, I’m Not Gone.”

The album “Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger”
starts off with a
little patriotic salute to the “Red
Neck, Blue Collar” citizens in the
work force. We are then put inside
the cab with “Truck Drivin’ Man” to
the rhythm of a rock-a-billy beat.

The album continues to take the
listener through a journey that
lets us visually see through the
lyrics. That’s what music is
suppose to do. As I continued to
listen I was taken in by the raspy
voice, and metaphoric words
combined with a slap bass,
some drums and horns.

My favorite by a land slide, on this

"Killers From Space" Album cover

Released in 2007 on CD

album was “Rooster Blues”. A
jumpin rockabilly rhythm had me
wanting to put on a puddle skirt
and bobby socks and hit the dance

I know this album has been out
for a while yet it has some great
music that will always be a hit
years down the road.

If you are a blues and rock and
roll fan then swing on over to this
website and take a listen to
“James Luther Dickenson”. You
won’t be disappointed.

Alicia aka Bluesbaby8 on You Tube, may be 17 yrs old, yet she can has the skills that match some very seasoned blues guitarist. She was inspired by one of my favorite blues musicians, the fabulous BB King. I am a fan, and look forward to hearing more from the talented Bluesbaby8. I’m sure it is just a matter of time till we see a collaboration with some of the soulful voices in the music industry.


If you like the sound of guitar playing in the background while watching the world flash by, pluck your mouse on this link and listen to Alicia. Remember to keep space on your mp3 player for her tracks.

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