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In a musical world that is mostly digital notes, Mike still pounds on the drums letting the world know he is VERIFIED. His new video is a cover of the song Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown.

GREAT JOB MIKE!  Check out his Youtube Channel



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Up and rising R&B artist D. Nelson of Clarksdale MS is making rounds in the south. He recently performed in Tunica MS, singing his latest tracks Beat It Like A Drummer, Use 2 Be My Girl and Stop & Breath Rough Draft.
D. Nelson is signed to label International Music Group other wise known as I.M.G. According to his bio on Reverbnation I quote “I am self Determination, I am Hardworking”. I think D. Nelson is ready to Beat it like a drummer all around the world. Be sure to check out his music, and don’t forget to bounce to the beat.

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All Change is Good

This is my attempt at Freestyle writing. The topic is Change.

Every day I make a change. I change my clothes day to day. I change my shoes, my socks my undies. Change is consistent with all of us. Over the past few weeks I have contemplated change for my blog, website, You Tube show etc, etc. The purpose of all this is to adjust for my audience.

I am constantly reading blogs, advice and watching videos about what works, what doesn’t work and why. I get several news letters a day about tips, tricks, spins, and zings that will WoW, Awe and make my numbers go through the roof. Yet what I see is change. I see that I have to change my platform design. I must change colors, change fonts, change looks and appearances; Change style of writing and so much more. I ask is this the kind of change that is needed to be a Social Media Super STAR? And if all these experts, gurus, geniuses and specialist have the answers to online marketing then, WHY ARE MORE PEOPLE CREATING CONTENT ABOUT THE SUBJECT? [Yes I know I am screaming]

I have worked myself into a tizzy trying to make changes that may not necessarily need to be made. The truth is I just want to talk. I want to share my experiences online. I want to meet different people without leaving the comfort of my home. I want to entertain people by creating video that they like and enjoy watching on a dull day. And making a little rainy day change in the process [because that is the most I have made thus far] doesn’t hurt.  I want to help people learn something, whether it be, how to upload a song to how to download a video.

My focus when I started this project was to help artist find exposure. I wanted to build audiences for people with talent and build my own audience. Over these past months I have achieved great things. I have met people I never thought I’d even cross paths with driving down the highway.

So to conclude this freestyle about Change, I think I will change my direction, one more time. This time I’m changing to fit my desires and goal. Because truth is, no one really knows what’s going on. As long as we have fun doing it, who cares.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. More shows, reviews and a few tutorials are on the way. So stay tuned and Come Experience Online with Quepea!


Good Day everybody. My new video is about Tips and Quips. It’s just a little humor to lighten and maybe brighten a day. Plus give a bit of knowledge.

Good Evening! I know I am late on my new schedule. No excuses. I hope this video will give more understanding as to why this was past due. In this video I talk about the group Ellhelios. If you like Techno music and scary movies you may like there sound. But don’t take my word for it. Watch for yourself and decided if you want to connect more with this group.


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In today’s video release I speak on the mix tape created by MR Dot. Find out if I say yeah or nah.


Hi Blog Readers,

In this video I talk to Indie artist about the downside of giving the single away when trying to sell the single on iTunes. I would love to get feedback from anyone in regards to their experience when selling a single.


In my video today I let you know what I did and did not like about the mixtape of Mean Mug Music.

Hello bloggers and new visitors. Today in my vblog I talk about how to be different as an Indie Artist. If you are out here looking to grow your fans and followers. Be Creative and be different.


Many song writers have put pen to paper spilling out words detailing the pitfalls of relationships. Some good, some bad. Here are my thoughts on the new mix tape by Chantee titled “Just For You”.

by Jewell aka Quepea

Quepea talks about buying twitter followers, questioning your decision to invest money for twitter followers or video views and gives a consumers view of why a fan may or may not buy a single or cd from iTunes.
In this world of social media, many independent artist are made offers to help them increase their audience. Yet that strategy does not always lend itself to more revenue into the pockets of the indie artist.
Watch this video and gain a different perspective of how Quepea (a consumer) makes an evaluation about making music purchases.
Then Quepea talks to the indie artist and provides some tips on understanding R.O.I return on investments.

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My blog continues with another review of Female MC’s out in the internet world. This artist goes by the name Ami Miller.

Quepea does a mixtape review on Ami Miller. On this mixtape the artist does a collaboration with Chantay, Gemini and Paris Houston on “Tha Prissident” Find out my favorite tracks on this MT and if you want to download this and don’t know how, watch my How Do Download from Datpiff video. You should see it in the playlist.  Be sure to subscribe, I sub back. Follow my on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Soundcloud and WordPress.


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I have wanted to know the answer to this question for a long time. After finding some information on the blog “Information is Beautiful” I got some clarity. Here is my video telling it all. Transcript is below.


Transcript of the video below.


What’s up (laugh) What’s up everybody! This is Jewell aka Quepea. Coming at you with another episode for tips, on being an Independent Artist.


OK, this one I take no credit for this article; but I just have to share it with you, and do some commentary on it. Because I think it is very important that you out there the independent artist or anybody else entering in the entertainment business, have a clear understanding of how much money can you really make, by putting your music or movies or whatever you have out there on the internet.


Now this particular study was done specifically for CD’s; or CD’s that are released online like mp3’s and so fourth. I am going to shoot over here and give you a screen shot. Alright, so what you are looking at here it’s called Information is Beautiful. Here you go; if you look up here; follow my little mouse, you see that this is the website. I am going to have this link down at the bottom. And the questions was posed “ How much do music artist earn online?” So, you know I read the article and it was really refreshing and enlightening to really get an understanding of what it takes.


Now I am going to say that, um this isn’t pinpointed, or it is not exact. It’s general information that they can get based on sales data and all this other stuff. If you understand retail and big business and all that kinda things. You understand that each week reports go in and about how many sales were here or there and the third. And somebody is always keeping statistical data.


So this report was put together by that. Now I am going to click back over here on the chart. And you will see here is says “For solo artist to earn US monthly min. wage”. Now they say US monthly minimum wage is one-thousand, one hundred and sixty dollars. (pause) Yeah Right, Anyway. Psss they kill me with that sh&t. So let’s move on. You see right here, Self-pressed CD’s, if they sell for nine dollars and ninety nine cents, um and you sold one hundred and forty-three units. The artist is going to get about eight dollars per CD. Now if you are an independent artist out there and you actually create CD’s on your own, using your own computer or whatever. If you watch this video send me a comment, I really want to know if this is true.


I mean are you really making eight dollars for every nine dollars and ninety-nine cents that you sell. I mean you don’t have to tell me. But if you would be like ah yeah that is pretty close or something like that; that would be cool. Um I am doubtful. And I am doubtful because, um I understand the words of expense. You know there are expenses when you create a product from nothing to something. You know you have to gather raw materials, there is an expense for those raw materials you got to put them together, the labor to put them together, all that other stuff; it’s probably not figured into this cost. But um the biggest part of this that I wanted to share . When they start talking about iTunes and Spotify and Rhapsody. Let me shoot over here. And you will see right over here and it says album download from Napster, iTunes, it sells for nine dollars and ninety-nine cents you would have to sell one-thousand two hundred and twenty-nine units, in order for you to even come close to making minimum wage. And that is at you getting ninety-four cents per every unit sold. Yeah right. And amazon you would have to sell twelve-thousand; now this is just a track, a ninety-nine cent track. You would have to sell twelve-thousand three hundred and ninety-nine in order for you to even come close. WOW! That is huge.


But my favorite is Spotify. Real quick before I run out of time. Four million fifty-three thousand one hundred and ten units, you would have to sell to come close to minimum wage if you were on Spotify. Think about it. Is it worth it? Are you gonna make money? I don’t know, something to think about there independent artist.

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