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To help support this project I wanted to share the video on my blog. If you are someone how thinks this is cool, share this with your network.

We all have our own opinions about everything. I like to voice mine. So I’ve created my own soap box. Since I love video, and I love talking and I love having an outlet to let it all out. I created a new webisode or webseries or what every you want to call it. Don’t go to the bath room during the video or you might miss something.



MIA for a Minute

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Announcements
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Hello WP readers and fellow bloggers. If you haven’t notice I have been on a long break. Last year when I started this blog I had a lot of goals, and high hopes. As I am sure I am not the only one.

I had to take some time and figure things out. Such as why I was doing this blog thing. What could I focus on and stuff like that. I did take advantage of my time and educate myself, as well as pimp out my skills.

So now I am going to pay some attention to my blog. But I do have a complaint. ¬†Yeah a COMPLAINT. It’s the spammers, the fake people who leave a comment or two; the companies that leave back links and forward links and all the jazz.

I would like to respond to all that leave a comment. And I would like to connect with my audience. But the truth is I can’t filter out enough crap to do so. So if you are one of my followers and you leave a comment and it does not get posted. It’s because I could not tell who was spamming and who was not.

I know there is a program to rid the spammers, yet I don’t have extra money to spend on a none revenue producing blog. I just don’t got it. So it is easier to DELETE all spam.

Well I hope my followers understand my absence and visit this blog every once in a while. In the meantime, I will post from time to time on things I think might be worth a little more than a share button.

Thanks for stopping by for minute.