Gay Post Its?

Posted: August 3, 2012 in I.A You Tube
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The Youtube Channel producer of Your-Gay-Newz has a new way to get a message across. It’s Post-it notes! This was done for a contest for Post-it notes and after watching, I give him my vote.

Here is the video. Leave a comment below and tell the creator what you think of his video.

  1. quepeaz says:

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. With practice I hope to improve on my title creation. It will be a work in progress. You comments and thoughts help and are welcome. I will look into the Yahoo home page. I wonder if they get as many Spam Bots as I do?

  2. quepeaz says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment and stopping by my blog. In regards to your questions, Most of the post you see are SPAM BOTS. Some get through the spam blocker and other make it to the spam trash. I do post in other sites. I focus my attention on blogs that relate to the topic I like, and relate to my focus. I don’t spam or over post like what most of the Spam Bots do to my blog. Hope you come back again.

  3. quepeaz says:

    Update: Just a note the contest was from a previous year and it did not get the prize. Oh well. Still funny though.