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The music industry paints a flashy picture. Yet the IRS don’t care if you Pay to Play as long as you Pay the Tax Man.

Young Buck talks about his reality of being on house arrest and still kickin tracks out the music machine.

Let me know how you feel about artist that get caught by the IRS.

Title: This Head I Hold by Electric Guest; Directed by Keith Schofield

This video has soo much symbolism. I can’t even begin to decipher it.

ArizonaWatermelons 1 day ago

I’m so confused! Does anyone know what’s going on? Either way, the songs great.

number1asianfreak 1 day ago in playlist Favorite videos


What’s your take on this video?

I personally liked the song. The video may have gone a bit far with the symbolic messages yet still good.


Back in the day of old school music and clubbing, there was a person that would stand on the stage and play songs on a turn table. Back then they were called DJ’s. The crowd loved that they played endless songs. Something like this.

DJ L Gee (Beyonce -Summertime bw Neo -Champagne Life)

Now they are called MashUPs. And the people that create these Mashups are perceived to be Musical Gods or Grand Musicians. What ever you call it, to me it’s just mixing songs other people created.

What’s your thoughts on Mashups? Leave a reply below.



In a musical world that is mostly digital notes, Mike still pounds on the drums letting the world know he is VERIFIED. His new video is a cover of the song Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown.

GREAT JOB MIKE!  Check out his Youtube Channel


It takes creative writing skills to do a music review and totally dis the lyrics of a song with complete sarcasm.   I am a fan of Issa Rae since I discovered her Youtube channel Actingrl112. (more…)

Recently DJ Pain I, also known as Jacksonwonderful on Youtube,  launched a tour with Coast to Coast. In his latest Vblog he is in New Orleans and announces that he will be sharing tips on how to market your music.  (more…)

Are you a Reader or a Watcher?

Some people love to read. They can read books, and Magazines all day everyday. Some people are watchers. They love to watch the news, watch the latest clip on a Youtube video and such.

What makes reading so fun, when watching is so much more entertaining?

Here is a good example. USA Today released a story regarding Face Book earnings report.

Facebook posts loss on one-time charges

This same story is has been covered via a video by ReutersTV and posted on Youtube.

So are you a Reader or a Watcher. Me I prefer to watch video. I love eye candy. Reading… if I must. I guess I had to do a little reading to write this post.

Leave a reply and let me know what you like.

I have read somewhere that 90% of the people who create websites do it to make money.

Each day I get on my computer and start clicking. I look for anything and everything I can find that is entertaining, interesting, news worthy and such.

My purpose I believe is to find things to share. Tell the world about what I saw. Something like gossip I guess. Though there is also another motive behind my information seeking. Monetary gain. That’s right I said it. I blog, make videos, and surf the web for money.

Now the truth is I don’t make much. A few pennies here and there and that’s it. I look at other sites and blogs and compare what they do to what I do and wonder…”are they making anything?” I doubt that they are making a lot, unless they are connected with some large company that has hired them to be the online promoter.

So why do it? Why continue to blog, create videos, maintain websites, setup affiliate programs? I guess because deep down I believe that there is Gold in the internet. I think that this tool will be my way to a better life, a little more cash in my pocket. A lot less debt. Though the reality is…there is no gold. That’s depressing to admit.

So who is really making money online. According to financial reports some of the big dogs are; Amazon, Google, Ebay, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter. I’m not going to list them all. Some of the money made is from the consumer, some from advertisers and some a little of both.

My point is this. I either continue to help the big boys make more money or I just bag it all together. I probably won’t bag it all together, just because I like dreaming about the big pot of gold. Yet I do have a different mind set while I am doing what I love to do best. Clicking away on the internet. Until next time…click click click.

Gold Computer Mouse

The Golden Mouse Seeks Treasures

Video is a great way to share holiday moments.

July 4th 2012 Fireworks NYC

Video is a great way to share information.

Video is a great way to share music.

Video is a great way to teach.

Video is a great way to connect with three out of five
senses; sight, sound, touch, allowing us to interact
with the world around us.

How do you like to share and why? Leave a comment

Bonnaroo Classic Moments. Sit back and relive the moments with these 5 videos.

Gary Clark

You can pick up a copy of the Gary Clark Jr. EP click here

The Shins

Charles Bradley

The Infamous Stringdusters

Sam Bush Band


Whatz Up Everyone I’m QuePea for Front Street Newz!

Up and rising R&B artist D. Nelson of Clarksdale MS is making rounds in the south. He recently performed in Tunica MS, singing his latest tracks Beat It Like A Drummer, Use 2 Be My Girl and Stop & Breath Rough Draft.
D. Nelson is signed to label International Music Group other wise known as I.M.G. According to his bio on Reverbnation I quote “I am self Determination, I am Hardworking”. I think D. Nelson is ready to Beat it like a drummer all around the world. Be sure to check out his music, and don’t forget to bounce to the beat.

For more indie music news, be sure to log on to

The desire to make a living in the music business is a desire had by many, and achieved by few. It is a lot of daily grinding to build any business. The famous producer Pharrell speaks to an audience about having a plan.

“He that would make sure of success should keep his passion cool, and his expectation low.-Jeremy Collier”

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Sometimes a visual is all you need to get a better understanding about something. From the founder of BuzzFactor, here is a video that breaks it down. If you stay focused on the message you will learn  a few tips for building a fan base.


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Know Thy Music Genre

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Announcements

This video was posted a few years back. The information is still valuable today for anyone who is producing, writing or involved in the music industry. The advice from Derek Sivers who is the founder of CD Baby has some sound advice to follow.

Take a moment to find some new knowledge, it’s POWERFUL.


So what is this about?

Well let’s look at the who, what, where, and why of the situation.
First off, MOG is an online music library that can be shared with friends. You can make playlist, make a favorite list, and then you can share that list with your online buddies. You can also have MOG in your phone, listen in your car or even have a radio station(not a real one just a MOG version). MOG has a lot of bells and whistles, but not all is FREE. So essentially MOG is an online, on demand, digital music service. The company is based in Berkley CA.

Beats Electronics LLC is the brain child of Dr. Dre. The famous hip hop star who has made quite a name for himself as a business man in the music business. According to the COO, Luke Wood, Beats Electronics LLC began with the making of better sounding headphones. Now the company has branched into other areas like computers, and automotive speakers to help create a better listing experience for the consumer.

website of MOG

Online Music Catalog for On Demand Listing

On July 2, 2012 I received an email from MOG letting me know that they had been acquired by Beats Electronics LLC. At first glance I just thought so what, another web site has been swooped up by another music company looking to cash in on the online music game. Yet to my surprise there was a little bit of intrigue about this transaction. The fact that it involved some heavy hitters like Dr. Dre, Interscope Greffen A&M and Universal Music Group.

After doing some research and connecting a few dots it became clearer to me. Universal Music Group also known as UMG created MOG (in my opinion to lure the music loving consumer into their web of artist in order to gain a foot hold in the online streaming game.) with some other joint venture pals. On the other side of the house was Interscope Greffen A&M that rest within the UMG family. This arm of the company was more into the sound quality development field, and has now taken under their wing the MOG room. (So to speak)

Now it makes better sense that MOG had a music catalog of over 15 million songs. Now I understand how they could reach out into the cell phone arena and automotive garage. It is now coming together that Big Business is masking themselves as online streaming companies and they have figured out that Napster understood the consumer just wanted to share their music and not be tied to one CD purchase in order to hear one favorite song.

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So if you like the online music catalog sites and enjoy subscribing to online music sites then take your mouse, click on this link and browse around MOG. (back up the mouse you missed the click area it’s in the name MOG).

I hope you found this information informative. If you would like to read the press release about all of this click the next word. MOG Oh BTW, you may have to sign up or sign in with Face Book or Twitter in order to see the press release. Enjoy!