Indie Artist Movement and The Mission

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Announcements

Hello Bloggers and Peeps!

Each of us has a desire to do more, be more and succeed. This blog and my You Tube channel along with the other social networking platforms I belong to, were merged together because of a desire I have.
Over the years I have witnessed the rising of a movement. The Independent Artist Movement, or as I like to call it the Indie Movement, and it is gaining a presence within the internet world. I would like to be a major contributor to that movement.

This post is to ask you the internet world for assistance in doing just that. My mission is to grow the audience of the Indie Artist Movement. In addition create a place that gives a fresh look at a group that is keeping the world of art alive.

For many years, the Corporate Giants have tried to create a cookie cutting machine that will produce art as if it were made by robots. This is not what artistic expression is about. I believe that you can not cookie cut art in any way.

I am asking for you my followers, friends, family, and peers to help me build this community. Help by sharing my post on this blog, visit my You Tube Channel and subscribe, like and comment. Go visit my Face book page and LIKE and join a great community. Connect with me in TweetTown and follow my post. Also join me in the Google+ circle.

I have included a Make A Donation button located in the side bar to the right, for anyone that believes in supporting the cause. The reason for this button is to help me raise money for give away items. My budget can not handle all the great ideas I have, therefore I am humbly reaching out to my audience. My first wish is to purchase some novelty bracelets of 1000 @ thirteen cents (.13 cents) each. With that I will be giving away these items to attendees of various Shows I attend like the Bonneroo Music Festival, or the Local Battle of the Bands Event.

Here is a link to the company that offers these items and more. 24Hour Wrist Bands . When I raise the funds to purchase these items I will create a video and show everyone what I am doing and send out a special gift for each donation.

Thanks for your support. I appreciate all !

Jewell aka Quepea (Cue Pea)

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