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With all the social networks about, looking for new music videos on YouTube gets time-consuming. This blog by Quepeaz Web is here to help music video junkies get their fix. Here is the latest reviews for week ending March 31th, 2012

Her music is inspirational with a kick. She is Elizabeth South, a singer, songwriter and school teacher. Per her website Biography, she “began singing in public when she was about seven years old”. She has performed throughout the United States and recorded with “A” list singer Rick Florian of White Heart on her famous track “Do It Afraid”

Be sure to visit her website and facebook  page to hear and read more about Elizabeth South, a “Southern Bell” and “Musical Songstress”.

By Jewell aka Quepea

Hip Hop is the genre of music with a varied style incorporated within it. It can be a mix of rap, pop, or techno-beats all in one.

Hip Hop has a new artist to add to the scene. He goes by the name KDOTOH. His new facebook page features several of his videos and clips of his new fresh sound.

His website let’s us see more of his fun side and introduces the fans to a carefree artist on the move in South Jersey. Be sure to visit his website to get more information about this new rising Hip Hop success.

By Jewell aka Quepea

Capital Dubstep uploaded a new video titled “Melamin & Wicked Sway-Continuos Dimebag Mix.

Per their Youtube and Facebook Channels and Pages respectively they “promote the widest variety of Dubstep”.

Their other Featured Channels are “Capital Drum and Bass’s”, “Capital Electro’s”, and “Capital Design”. Be sure to visit these channels and their facebook page to get a closer listen.

By Jewell aka Quepea

The first generation of rap just wanted the world to know, who they were, and what the culture was in their part of the hood. As the years evolved, some changes have been made and the ghetto has more than just a dark skinned face. Now the ghetto looks like any other street, city, town, or block, with a rainbow of colors that walk into and out of the buildings that form the walls.

As I comb through the many messages left on the walls of a face book, or the tweets of a follower, I hear the mood of the music. The signature card floats about, each message and graces almost every page. Does the music forever Make The Mood?

King Issa mixtape Hosted by DJ Holiday

You tell me. I begin with the mixtape of King Issa hosted by DJ Holiday. His tracks take us on a journey that begins with a favorite tale of “David and Golliath”. After a “Tag” we encounter “A hundred ft Gorilla Zoe”. (I am reminded of the book “The Odyssey” ). Moving through the streets paved with lyrics that express a many thoughts we visit with “Dear Mama” ft TC and finish the journey at ‘Arriven”. How befitting. You can stream these songs by following this link.

Or you can download and listen to it on your PC or MP3. Downloading is easy, if you need assistant let me know, I will be glad to blog about it.


This is another Front Street News Quepeaz Style Blog. By Jewell aka Quepea

It’s good to get a little help from those who have traveled before you.  Here from Bun B’s.


Bun B’s advice for up and coming artists.

Whenever thoughts muddle the mind, taking a pen and letting the words crash onto the paper can be the best therapy. The mixtape by Dutty Devioso titled “Ball Point Therapy” is filled with lyrical medicine. Like a medicine cabinet filled with prescriptions, this mixtape has an antidote that is sure to be a cure for what pains you. The tracks have powerful lyrics expressing the life experiences of Dutty, combined with hot, beats and rhythm. To get this mixtape, visit the Youtube page of Dutty by following this link: If you like what you hear and see, become a fan. This young rap artist is currently in the studio working on  a new album to be titled “Precipice”. Be on the look out!

Dutty Devioso new album coming "Precipice"

Jewell aka Quepea gives an update on some of her tweeter buddies and their latest tracks and videos.

A Young Billionair announces the title track “Bass Knocking” on “A Place Called the Ghetto” is the music on Vanilla Plains, youtube. Prince Gotti shows that “All Dis $$$$” is sizzling hot on ReverbNation. J’Sun is dropping a new single March 27th on i-Tunes and it will be “Impossible” not to become a HIT. Baby B is Coast2Coast dot com with his new single “Pull Up, Hop Out” FT T.I., be sure to cast a vote for this new hot summer jam. BigT aka Chinaman has Sounds in the Clouds now, letting the world hear his “Inner Glow”, and a sample track FT Big Shot, titled “Industry’s A Jaggernaut”. Which is bound to be a city beat bumper. Meanwhile on the other side of Music Tweets the Verified Drummer shows off a “Piano Cover” cover on Youtube and lets everyone know he is multi-talented. If you did not already know it, the artist know as Pries released his mixtape on Hot New Hip Hop, this m.t. Has “No Glue 2” yet it will stick to your mp3 player after you hear the first track. To round things off Dot Da Joker released a new video on Youtube and gave “Shot Caller” a remix. Nothing like a remix to make a body move and groove.


Are you still buying CD’s or downloading mp3’s?

Do you seek out new music or wait for the Radio DJ to give you the top 10?

Is Hip Hop/Rap being played or played out?

I ask these questions because according to news, analyst and experts, the people of the world are i-tuning, amazoning and digitized. Fans get there music, online. Fans make their own choices. The public has taken control of what they listen to, what they watch and when.

I disagree with that. I do agree that we as a nation have more ways to choose. We no longer have to rely on TV or Radio to give us the entertainer or entertainment. The world wide web has opened the borders of the world and allows us to seek out what we want and how we want it.

New technology is developed by the second. And with that said, how fast are the fans keeping up with it? If you can’t get your download to play, or load onto your mp3 player then what good is downloading it? If the movie or show you like so much has to buffer for twenty minutes before it plays, then why watch? And if the 4G network barely dribbles data to your mobile device than why are you trying to watch a movie on it anyway?

Fans, Public, People of the new technology what is really going on? All this fancy stuff and few people know how to work it.

Independent Artist if you want to sell a song; have people download your mp3. Then it is VITAL you help your fans learn how to do it if they don’t know how.

And on that note. Quepea will be creating some How To’s to help with that, in the near future.



What is it about music that makes us listen?

What is it about an artist that makes us become a fan?

Why do some artist become famous faster than others?

Is it because we like the beat?

Is it because we like what they wear or how they look?

Is it because of who they know or what they do differently?

Music moves us. It is an emotional stimulator as well as a relaxer. It can go with ANY emotion you have.

There are hundreds to thousands of people with musical talents. Each one of them seeking an audience that will buy their music and become a fan. With all the people in the world, each musician should be able to find a following. The key to getting and keeping that following is PROMOTION and MARKETING. If nobody knows that you exist than nobody will buy your music and become a fan.

Even after they do get to know you, it is important to keep at them. Make it known that you are there to entertain and give them a reason to want to stay a fan.

Being an entertainer of any kind takes work. Not just studio time, and creating time. There is a fine balance to keeping up with all the things that make you successful. The idea of being a one person show/business is fascinating. Most of us like the idea of commanding our own ship. Although if we want to have the public take a ride with us on that ship, then we may have to reach out to others to help maintain the crowd, clean up the ship, feed the crew members and people on the ship. The bigger the ship the more help needed to maintain it.

So as you are out there doing your daily grind and looking for the spot light to shine on you. Ask yourself. Where am I stirring the ship to? How many other crew members do I need to make a successful voyage? Then build.

Monstaboidakid, Louisville KY Top Pick,

March Madness team Western Ky showed the crowd, that they could make a comeback no matter how far down they were. The heart of a basketball player to win, is the same heart Monsta Boi Da Kid carries on the road to success. This up and coming rap artist is bouncing beats and lyrics off the streets of Kentucky and the fans are taking notice and downloading his mp3’s. Tweets have it that he has a new mixtape out Hosted by Kentucky’s Youngets DJ, “DJ Murph”. This is sure to put Monsta Boi Da Kid in the Final Four of chart hits. If you ain’t got it, GET IT. Follow this link to hear the hot tracks

"I Am Crazy" Mixtape Hosted by DJ Murph

Alicia aka Bluesbaby8 on You Tube, may be 17 yrs old, yet she can has the skills that match some very seasoned blues guitarist. She was inspired by one of my favorite blues musicians, the fabulous BB King. I am a fan, and look forward to hearing more from the talented Bluesbaby8. I’m sure it is just a matter of time till we see a collaboration with some of the soulful voices in the music industry.


If you like the sound of guitar playing in the background while watching the world flash by, pluck your mouse on this link and listen to Alicia. Remember to keep space on your mp3 player for her tracks.

Alicia, Blues, Swing, Jazz

Commitment, Dedication and Heart = Jay-G.

I believe that when you want something bad enough you can taste it. Well this Rapper is representing pure drive and desire. Jay-G of ThugHouse Ent is putting his heart into creating his career and it shows in his music, his performance and through every social network he connects with. He has performed in many a Clubs within the Dallas TX area, giving his fans the music they crave. It won’t be long before this up and coming sensation is commanding his own tour. Be on the watch for Jay-G. Also, be sure to let the “Velcro Music” tracks attach to your mp3 player. You can find his music on

Velcro Music

Though he was born into a culture that favored the musical genre of “country and southern rock”, he was determined to shine as a rap artist.

Kaotik has released eight mixed tapes and 2 albums, all possessing dynamic tracks. His latest mixed tape titled “Mad Artist” is available on . This artist has demonstrated, time after time that  he is packing the skills and talent to command an audience; his fans continue to give support to all his creations. Kaotik  IS, OUTSTANDING and LYRICALLY PHENOMINAL! Visit this link to hear for yourself. Download, like, comment, support.

Put the Kaos of Kaotik back into your mp3 player.

Kaotik's Cloud Rider

BabyB and the Wreck Squad are soon to drop another HOT track onto the streets. This demolition crew is tearing down the hip hop/rap scene and putting up a new one with their name on it. Already BabyB has released some great tracks like: “Another Zone”, “Rack City Remix” and” City Boi”. Another remix is coming out for “Kirko Bangz” and a video is currently in production for “Pull Up,Hop Out”. Keep space on your mp3 player and keep a watch for this video soon to release.

This Wreck Squad is leaving a trail of dust as they put a new face on the streets of hip hop.

Jsun has a lot going on and coming down the road of success.

His new website has a lot to say about  this up rising R&B singer. With a bio about who, what and how. His new video released on Youtube gives us a little taste of his upcoming track. And for those of you looking to keep up with all of the latest news on him,you can sign up for his newsletter by visiting his NEW website at .

Visit, subscribe, like and listen you will be a J’Sun fan for life.

DC is definitely feeling the grove of the new music ft Jaron DaStreetPoet Aikens. The new single titled “Sooner Not Later” ft Shake can be heard on Sound Cloud. This smooth beat coupled with rhythmical lyrics will have you anticipating the new Independent album “A Breath of Fresh Air” due out sometime in march. Don’t be the last to get this on your mp3. Take a listen.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Though he may be young in age, his lyrics say other wise. He is from Louisville KY , yet he is puttin some hot beats and lyrics on those mid-western streets. I have no doubts that this young rap music artist is going to take his game to a new level. Here is one of his video releases “I Don’t Mean It”.produced by Scarecrow Beats.

What do these things have in common?

Talib Kweli, Mechanical Engineer, Half Baked and The Weird Only Child Show. Well they are all things that Justin Speed has as Favorites on his Face Book profile. He is a Charlotte NC native and is known as J Speed in the hip hop music business. This young man demonstrates that he CAN and WILL make it in the music business. So much talent wrapped in this package. Here is just one of his videos that he has on his you tube channel JSPCircuit;s Channel. Be sure to add J Speed to your playlist.

Episodes 1 and 2 are currently on our YouTube channel. The show is about featuring unsigned and independent artist. Episode 1 features Sem of SemMusic, Serious, and  more. In episode 2 Jewell aka Quepea features music from SCG South and Laurence. This show has a lot of potential to bring spotlight exposure to the unsigned and independent artist community.

Episode1(SemMusic and Serious)

Episod2 (SCG South and Laurence)